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  • 2014 training camp of STQ Testing Service Co.,Ltd.
  •     November 22, 2014, all members of STQ Testing Service Co.,Ltd. participated in a outdoor development activities in Wujiang Green Park, the theme of which is "unity, cooperation, mutual support and common development". The main purpose of this activity is to enable them to relax better, establish positive communication and mutual trust between each other, rally to cooperation, build up team spirit ,enhance their sense of responsibility and belonging and show ourselves.
        This  activity achieved a complete success owing to the carefully preparing of the company and the joint efforts of all staff. A series of games such as the "Ten nine foot", "Pearl line Miles" ,"pull tail", "blind phalanx " and " tug of war " were played by us. "Ten nine foot" fully demonstrated cooperation and trust between the team members and ehanced the ability of cooperation and coordination. "Blind phalanx" further revealed the importance of decision-making, execution, communication and feedback. We appreciated the significance of coherent, unified command, effective command and implementation to achieve the common goal efficiently. What is more, we also came to realize that the importance of teamwork to overcome obstacles and special value of each member.
        All members get more than just personal satisfaction and harvest, but understanding between members, trust, teamwork, reasonable co-ordination, better ourselves owing to this expansion of training activities! Each member achieves a breakthrough in physiology and psychology. We believe that STQ will be more united in the future and constantly create new achievements!

    Group Photo 1

    Group Photo 2

    Ten nine foot

    Pearl line Miles

    Pull tail

    Blind phalanx

    Barbecue buffet

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