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  • Statement

    2018-04-26 16:42:29

  • “Testing Service Platform for Green Automobile Recycling” of STQ Won the 2014 Annual Innovation Fund

    2014-12-02 14:47:59

    Recently, the project named”Testing Service Platform for Green Recycling of Clean-Energy and Conventional Automobile” of STQ Testing Service Co.,Ltd. has won the Innovation Fund for Technology Based Firms. What is more, STQ is the only one private enterprise in Suzhou succeeding to be the testing service platform for automobile recycling.
  • 2014 training camp of STQ Testing Service Co.,Ltd.

    2014-11-25 15:43:30

    November 22, 2014, all members of STQ Testing Service Co.,Ltd. participated in a outdoor development activities in Wujiang Green Park, the theme of which is "unity, cooperation, mutual support and common development". The main purpose of this activity is to enable them to relax better, establish positive communication and mutual trust between each other, rally to cooperation, build up team spirit ,enhance their sense of responsibility
  • STQ Testing Service Co.,Ltd has marched in Hong Kong since 8 October, 2014

    2014-11-13 16:13:18

    On 8 October, 2014, Hong Kong branch of STQ Testing Service Co.,Ltd was formally established and began to deal business meaning that STQ launched the course of internationalization to explore the oversea market.
  • Congratulate STQ on passing the 2014 annual supervision of IAS panel successfully

    2014-11-06 10:47:03

    On March 25 to 28, 2014, we accepted the 2014 annual supervision of IAS panel and assessment on our capacity range. With the efforts made by all the members of STQ, we passed the review and expanded our capacity range successfully.
  • Congratulate STQ on passing the surveillance on - site audit by CNAS

    2014-11-06 10:22:01

    On October 18 to 19, 2014, expert group of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) came to our company for experience a two-day audit and announced that we passed the review successfully.
  • STQ passed the CMA on-site audit

    2012-12-13 16:42:16

    STQ passed the CMA on-site audit on Sep. 15,2012 to Sep. 16,2012
  • STQ hold a successful expands training

    2012-12-13 16:41:04

    Nov.11,2012, all staffs of STQ went to Kunshan Yangcheng Lake Water Park to take a Interesting expands training.
  • STQ passed the IAS on-site audit

    2012-12-13 16:35:38

    The IAS auditor Mr. Dimitrios Katsieris audited our lab according to ISO 17025 Standard and IAS rules on Sep. 04,2012 to Sep. 05,2012. STQ pass the audit.
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