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  • Washington Governor Signs Bill HB1551 Restricting Lead in Cookware
  •     On 28 March 2024, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington signed the Second Substitute House Bill 1551. The bill relates to reducing lead in cookware and includes amendments to existing laws. The bill defines terms such as "component" and "cookware" and establishes regulations for the manufacturing, sale and distribution of cookware containing lead or lead compounds.

        Beginning 1 January 2026, no manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler may sell or distribute cookware or cookware components containing lead or lead compounds at a level of more than five parts per million. The bill also allows for the lowering of this limit in the future if feasible and deemed necessary to protect human health. The Washington State Department of Ecology is responsible for implementing and enforcing the regulations, and civil penalties may be imposed for violations. The bill also outlines the process for appealing penalties and the allocation of collected penalties to specific accounts. Overall, the bill aims to reduce lead exposure from cookware and protect public health.

        Following are the key definitions:

    • "Component" includes separate or distinct parts of the cookware including, but not limited to, accessories such as lids, knobs, handles and handle assemblies, rivets, fasteners, valves, and vent pipes.
    • "Cookware" means any metal pots, pans, bakeware, rice cookers, pressure cookers, and other containers and devices intended for the preparation or storage of food.

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