Press Releases
  • EU amends RoHS exemptions
  • On May 21st, 2024, EU published a new Directive (EU) 2024/1416, amending Annex III under RoHS. Below details:

    (1) entry 39(a) is replaced by the following:


    Scope and date


    Cadmium selenide in downshifting cadmium-based semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots for use in display lighting applications (< 0,2 μg Cd per mm2 of display screen area)

    Expires for all categories on 21 November 2025

    (2) the following entry is inserted:


    Scope and date


    Cadmium in downshifting semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots directly deposited on LED semiconductor chips for use in display and projection applications (< 5 μg Cd per mm2 of LED chip surface) with a maximum amount per device of 1 mg

    Expires for all categories on 31 December 2027

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